~ Brand activations ~

In this social media dominated world we find ourselves living in, businesses really need to interact with their target demographic effectively and efficiently if they are to continue growing.

In this sphere, brilliant imagery is KEY.

If you can't capture someone's attention and imagination in a split second, then your brand will be lost in the endless river of content being produced worldwide.

Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have fast become a crucial component of any good marketing strategy and the number of eyes focused in their direction is only growing!

I work closely with you to understand what 'look' you are trying to achieve for a given campaign and shoot your event with this in mind.

I always shoot in RAW so as to have maximum flexibility in post production in order to achieve the desired effect.

Please check out some examples of my work below -

Hendrick's Gin - A most unusual gin

What can I say about this event?! It was off-the-scale cool and super weird. If you like drinking Gin you dig Hendrick's period... Hendrick's is at the pinnacle of the Gin world and it's no secret they are a most unusual tipple.

This activation took the public on an immersion into the weird world of Hendrick's and boy oh boy was it awesome! Once again the team at Yakuzan did an amazing job and really raised the bar with this one! Check out the adventure below:

Appleton estate ~ aged jamaican rum

In collaboration with brand management group Yakusan, Appleton Estate put on 3 nights of rum filled fun in various locations around Sydney to showcase their range of rums and really bring to life what's unique about their brand.

This Jamaican rum is one of only a few around the world that can claim a 'terroir'. The unique environment and climactic conditions where Appleton Estate is situated, along with centuries of experience and passion, combine to produce a truly special product. Appleton Estate even offers a 50 year old rum!

The imagery for this activation needed to reflect the cool, laid-back nature of Jamaicans and also support how earthy, rustic, and smooth their rums are. I used a number of film presets in post production to achieve the desired effect.

beam suntory ~ premium spirits brands

As the worlds 3rd largest premium spirits brand, it's not hard to understand why most of us are familiar with many of the spirits that are produced under the Beam Suntory banner, even if you don't drink!

Huge, in-demand labels such as Jim Beam, Canadian Club, Maker's Mark, Hibiki, Bowmore and Laphroig are just a handful in their range.

Click on the link below to check out the Great Whiskey Rumble between 4 heavyweights of the Whiskey world!